Palo Sastre

The appetizer from Mallorca

Traditional aperitif liquor from Mallorca, has an alcohol content of 30%. Protected with Geographical Denomination Palo de Mallorca

Production: The drink is obtained by maceration and / or infusion of Quina bark (Chinchona sp) and Gentian roots (Gentiana lutea), with sugar, caramelized sucrose and ethyl alcohol.

Tradition: The aperitif par excellence of Mallorca began its journey in the XVI and XVII centuries, as many other liquors, as medicine, in this case against malaria. From the need to preserve the infusions of gentian and quinine by mixing them with alcohol and adding sugar to soften the bitterness of the two plants, Palo was born.

Consumption tips: Excellent appetizer and good appetite stimulant. In Mallorca, Palo is consumed as an aperitif mixed with soft drinks. The most common combination is Palo with siphon. A glass of this drink, served cold, with a few drops of lemon and gin, is an excellent appetizer and a good stimulant of appetite.


El aperitivo por excelencia de Mallorca empezó su andadura, como tantos otros licores, como medicina, en este caso contra el paludismo. De la necesidad de conservar las infusiones de genciana y quinina mezclándolas con alcohol y añadirle azúcar para suavizar el amargor propio de las dos plantas nació el Palo.