Sweet traditional rum from Mallorca

Traditional rum from Mallorca, has an alcohol content of 53%. 

Production: Fruit of a slow maceration of fruits and spices that wisely combined with caramelized sugar and rum, result in sweet rum of unique and intense flavor.

Tradition: This traditional liquor was born in the 19th century as a result of commercial exchanges between Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mallorca. Its elaboration is based on a long process of maceration of exotic fruits typical of the island of Mallorca, in alcohol of sugar cane.

It is the base of the traditional "rebentat" coffee of Mallorca and can’t be missed in any bar on the island.

There are various theories about the origin of this tradition. One of them says that officers from the Spanish colonies in Cuba gave coffee with rum to the workers to make them perform harder at work and counteract the tropical heat. Another theory, that has more followers, says that during the colonial wars in Cuba, the Spaniards drank coffee with rum or with brandy to have more courage in the battle (in ancient Spanish "corajillo").

Consumption tips: To drink on its own or mixed in the coffee (“rebentat” or “carajillo”).