A brief history

Limsa is the result of a long tradition of more than 150 years in the production of aniseed liquors, liquors and rums. The seeds of the current company was sown in Marratxí in 1860 from the hands of the Cañellas family to which other families and brands were united through the decades to form what is currently Limsa.

Products and brands

The star products of the beginnings were indisputably the aniseed liquors in its dry variant or cazalla, and the sweet one (anís dulce) . Brandy, which could still be called cognac, was also a part of production, although it was smaller.

Among the traditional products were Mallorcan herbs (Hierbas de Mallorca), the classic herbal liquor made by macerating herbs in aniseed liquor, and Palo, a medicinal concoction against malaria based on quinine and gentian, which over time became the Mallorcan aperitif par excellence. Hierbas Limsa and Palo Sastre represent today this tradition of Mallorcan liquors.

A special mention deserve the cane distillates. Fruit of the exchange with the American colonies, where the aniseed liquors and brandies were exported, this distillate arrived in Mallorca, which soon became one of the most loved and consumed. Each manufacturer experimented and created its own specialty, that is how Caña and Cremadillo Valls, Caña Rossa 65 and rum AMAZONA were born.