Hierbas de Mallorca liquor

Traditional aniseed based digestive liquor. Protected with Geographical Denomination Hierbas de Mallorca

Production: The traditional drink of Mallorca. Made with distilled anise macerations of herbs such as rosemary, fennel, chamomile, mint, lemon balm, Luisa herb, lemon and orange leaf.

 Hierbas Limsa is available in three types: dry with 38º, mixed with 30º and sweet with 25º.

Tradition: This traditional liquor has its origin in the medicinal concoctions that apothecaries prepared in the XVI century to combat epidemics. Its elaboration is based on a long process of maceration of aromatic plants (typical of the island) in anise.

Consumption tips: To take natural, at room temperature, cold or with ice. It is usual to take it after meals, due to its digestive properties.